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Money Date Night is a podcast that inspires couples to talk about money.


Married co-hosts Colin Ryan and Lindsey Lathrop realized their ability to have money conversations impacted their ability to build a bigger vision for their lives together. Colin and Lindsey want to help you have them, too. After all, money conversations make your relationship stronger, they teach you about yourself, and they help you both build the kind of life you really want together.

May 21, 2019

Travel is one of the main drivers behind why we budget our money. Since the start of our relationship in 2012, we've made it to Costa Rica, Ireland, Scotland, Bali (2x), Thailand, Puerto Rico, Canada, China, and 16 states. 

2019 has been the closest to "the dream" we set our sights on years ago. In January, we said goodbye to the cold and to our work schedules to have a 6 week adventure in Southeast Asia.

After a few weeks back in Vermont, we set off again for another month on the Gulf Coast of Florida in a 186 sq. ft. tiny house, coming back just in time for spring to kick in. 

In this episode, we:

  • share a couple favorite memories of our recent journey & how much it cost us
  • give you tips for making travel a bigger piece of your lives (including how to afford it)
  • share why we put this value front and center in our budget

In the show notes, you'll find our behind-the-scenes itinerary for Thailand + Bali - including our itemized costs, things we did, and vetted Airbnb list.

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